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Equipment Selection
Equipment Selection
Selection of crushing equipment
Customer selection feedback form of crushing equipment
Please fill in the form in detail, so that our company can provide careful selection recommendation
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1. Material name: Molecular formula:
2. Bulk density of materials Kg / m3; true density Kg / m3; pH value

3. Melting point of material The maximum temperature is: 1

4. Minimum Mohs hardness of material: ; moisture content of material: %

5. Distribution range of feed particle size Mm (mesh) to Mm (mesh); proportion content ≥ %;
Among them: maximum particle size Mm (mesh); proportion content ≥ % ;
Minimum particle size Mm (mesh); proportion content ≥ %

6. Particle size requirements of finished products: Mm (mesh); proportion content ≥ %

7. Output of finished products KG/H( T/D)

8. Production mode: continuous production Gap production

9. Material requirements for equipment:

10. Dust emission or environmental protection requirements for equipment:

11. Cleaning and sanitation requirements for equipment:

12. Budget investment amount of purchasing equipment (RMB) Ten thousand yuan

13. Other requirements:
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