Customer selection feedback form of hybrid equipment
Please fill in the form in detail, so that our company can provide careful selection recommendation
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1. Name and proportion of main materials: ; molecular formula: ; name and proportion of other excipients:

2. Bulk density of main materials; Kg / m3; true density: 0 Kg / m3; pH value:

3. Particle size distribution of materials Mm to mesh Mm (mesh); proportion content ≥ %;
Among them, the maximum particle size is as follows: Mm (mesh); bulk density Kg / m3; proportion content ≥ %
Minimum particle size Mm (mesh); bulk density Ratio ≥ m3 / kg %

4. Moisture content of material: %: angle of repose

5. Material fluidity: good General , poor ; stickiness: strong General , weak
Cohesion: strong , fair , poor ; wettability: good , fair , poor

6. Output: Kg / batch( T / day)

7. Feeding form: Manual Vacuum Vortex pump Hoist , silo

8. Continuous production mode , gap Batch / day

9. Uniformity of finished products is required: %Objectives required to be achieved:

10. Whether a single batch of materials need to be completely sealed and transferred to other places for packaging after mixing: Yes , No

11. Whether to add liquid during mixing: Yes , No

12. Material requirements for equipment:

13. Dust emission or environmental protection requirements for equipment:

14. Cleaning and sanitation requirements for equipment:

15. Budget investment amount of purchasing equipment (RMB) Ten thousand yuan

16. Other requirements:
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