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Equipment Selection
Equipment Selection
Selection of pelletizing equipment
Customer selection feedback form of pelletizing equipment
Please fill in the form in detail, so that our company can provide careful selection recommendation
corporate name:
Customer Name:
Company address:
Telephone or mobile phone:

1. Name and proportion of main materials: ; molecular formula:

2. Name and proportion of other accessories:

Objective: to improve the solubility of granules Sustained release Improving liquidity Reduce dust flying
Compressed volume , coating , coloring , covering the taste Adding micro excipients , others

4. Original physical properties of main materials: ; fineness: Mm (mesh);
Distribution range: Bulk density: kg/m3

5. Viscosity of raw materials: strong General Weak, weak ; wettability: good , fair , poor

6. Granulating method to be adopted: dry roller pressing Boiling granulation drying Spray granulation drying Rotary granulation
Rocking granulation Screw extrusion granulation

7. Required particle size of finished product: Mm (mesh); content %

8. Appearance of finished product: cylindrical Spherical shape , microporous spherical , triangle , diamond It doesn't matter

9. Whether it is allowed to add adhesive in granulation process: allowed , not allowed

10. Name of adhesive , allowed quantity (as a percentage of the mass of the pelletizing material) %

11. Initial moisture content (or solvent) of material %Or water content of the final product %

12. Output of finished products KG/H( T/D)

13. Whether the product needs synchronous drying: Yes , No

14. Production mode: continuous production Gap production

15. Material requirements for equipment:

16. Cleaning and sanitation requirements for equipment:

17. Budget investment amount of purchasing equipment (RMB): RMB Ten thousand yuan

18. Other requirements:
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