Vacuum hollow blade series

Key words: Vacuum hollow blade series
Case overview: Vacuum hollow paddle dryer belongs to low temperature drying equipment, which is specially designed for drying temperature sensitive materials. Applicable materials: fish meal, bean dregs and other food industries.
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The series of vacuum hollow blades manufactured by our company are re developed on the original conventional hollow blades. The features and application range of this series of equipment are very wide. Vacuum hollow blades are divided into two types: biaxial and uniaxial.

Vacuum biaxial hollow paddle dryer characteristic:

          one )It has strong adaptability to dry materials and is widely used. Vacuum drying can be carried out at a lower temperature, which is suitable for heat sensitive materials. Due to the vacuum operation, it is not necessary to input dry gas from outside, so it can be operated in isolation from air. It is especially suitable for drying materials containing flammable and explosive gases and solvents to be recovered.

(2) the materials in the vacuum paddle dryer are continuously stirred by the blades, and the dried materials are evenly mixed to avoid overheating.

     ( three )Generally, vacuum drying is intermittent operation. Besides intermittent operation, vacuum paddle dryer can also be used for continuous operation. During continuous operation, a number of feeding hopper and discharge tank with the same vacuum degree as the dryer shall be set before and after the dryer, and the rotary valve or reversing valve shall be used to quantitatively and continuously feed and discharge materials. In addition, in order to ensure the residence time required for material drying, the impeller setting and discharge weir plate should be properly arranged.

Vacuum single shaft hollow paddle dryer:

  ( one )The heating of vacuum single shaft hollow paddle dryer is completed by jacket. The rake teeth on the shaft can stir and crush the materials when the shaft rotates.

  ( two )The double spiral belt vacuum dryer is a plug spiral belt vacuum dryer. Its agitating paddles are two spiral belts with opposite rotation direction. When the shaft rotates, the two reverse spiral belts play the role of mixing and shearing material, and strengthen the heat transfer between the material and the wall.

It is not necessary to use the above two kinds of equipment in the vacuum treatment equipment. Customers can separate or recycle materials according to their own characteristics.

  • Vacuum hollow blade series
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