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Engineering cases
Engineering cases

Biopharmaceutical industry

  •  Special tray drying system for ceftriaxone sodium

    Brief introduction: 1. Project overview: ceftriaxone sodium is the third generation of cephalosporin antibiotics. It is used for the prevention of lower respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, biliary tract infection, abdominal infection, pelvic infection, skin and soft tissue infection, bone and joint infection, sepsis, meningitis and so on. Similar drugs are cephalothiazide, ceftriaxone, tromethazine, cephalosporin, ceftai

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  •  Penicillin residue Engineering

    Brief description: working principle: the wet material is continuously added to the drying plate of Di layer on the upper part of the dryer by the feeder, and the rake arm with rake blade makes rotary motion to make the rake blade continuously turn over the material. The material flows through the surface of the drying pan along the exponential helix. The material on the small drying plate is transferred to the outer edge, and falls to the outer edge of the lower large drying plate. On the large drying plate, the material moves inward and falls into the next layer from the middle blanking hole

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  •  Animal plasma production line

    Brief introduction: plasma protein is the main solid component in plasma, with a content of 60-80g / L. there are many kinds of plasma protein with different functions. Domestic animal protein industry is in a rapid development stage, animal protein as a feed additive is widely used in feed production, but its application in food is still at a low level.

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  •  Feed engineering of soybean meal rotary flash dryer

    Brief introduction: Changzhou Yixin drying equipment Co., Ltd. designs and customizes the soybean meal drying production line according to the customer's requirements. The specific process is as follows: the irregular broken soybean meal is crushed by the universal pulverizer, and then the soybean meal with a fineness of more than 50 mesh is dried by the special rotary flash dryer, and then the material is collected by cyclone, which can realize the efficient drying of soybean meal.

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