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Product overview: Yixin drying focuses on the solid waste treatment: municipal sewage sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, papermaking sludge, electroplating sludge, thermoelectric sludge, papermaking sludge, leather sludge, chemical sludge, pharmaceutical residue, soybean residue, distiller's grains, etc. (industrial waste residue). The sludge disc dryer can dry 50% ~ 85% of the material moisture at one time to the final moisture required by customers.
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Sludge Disc dryer As an indirect heating and drying equipment for sludge, it has been used in chemical industry, food industry and feed industry for decades. Now it has developed into a mature drying process, and has a very high share in the international market. The common characteristic of sludge incineration is to recover energy. Due to the low calorific value of sludge, it is generally necessary to add auxiliary fuel, so the process of less auxiliary fuel should be designed, and the fluidized bed process is one of them. The main body of the disc dryer is composed of a cylindrical shell and a group of disks through the center. The disc group is hollow, where the hot medium flows through and transfers heat indirectly to the sludge through the disc. The sludge passes between the disc and the shell, receives the heat transferred by the disc and evaporates water. The water vapor formed by the evaporation of sludge water is gathered in the dome above the disc and is taken out of the dryer by a small amount of ventilation. The disc of disc dryer has two functions: one is to provide sufficient heat exchange area for sludge; the other is that it rotates slowly. The small propeller on it pushes the sludge to flow in the specified direction and plays a good mixing role. The disc dryer uses the double-sided heat transfer of each disc, which can provide a large heat exchange area in a small space, which makes the disc dryer compact. The rotating speed of the disc is about 5R / min, so the wear is very small. The disc surface is vertical to the shaft, so its rotation does not affect the flow direction of sludge. There are some small blades on the edge of the disc dryer. These small blades have a certain inclination angle, which not only helps the sludge flow in a directional way, but also plays the role of stirring. The shell is immobile and holds the sludge and water vapor generated by sludge evaporation. There is a fixed scraper on the inner wall of the shell. The scraper blade is very long and extends to the space between the disks to prevent bulky sludge from solidifying on the disc. Similar to the blades on the disc, the fixed scraper also plays a role in stirring.

   compared with other indirect drying equipment, the sludge disc dryer has the advantages of large heat transfer area, good mixing effect, and better promotion of water evaporation and removal. It is a newly developed improved simple heating dryer. turn disc dryer It is mainly composed of stator (shell), rotor (rotary table) and driving device. The central shaft of the rotor is the load-bearing part of the drying turntable. It is a hollow shaft, and all turntables are welded to this hollow shaft. The sludge is evenly and slowly transported through the whole dryer through the disc dryer through the role of propulsion / agitator at the edge of the rotary table, and is dried by thermal contact with the rotary table. In the drying process, the hot steam condenses on the inner wall of the turntable cavity to form condensate. The condensate water is led into the central pipe through a pipe, and is finally led out of the dryer through the export tank. A scraper is installed between each two turntables, and the scraper is fixed on the shell (stator). The scraper can loosen the sludge between the discs and make the waste steam leave the sludge quickly. The heat transfer medium of dryer is 0.2MPa ~ 0.6MPa saturated steam. Each rotary disc of the disc dryer is welded by two disks with two couplers. The inner cavity of the central shaft is connected with all the cavities of the rotary table. In order to improve the firmness of the turntable, there are many supporting rods in the cavity of the hollow turntable, and the two ends of the supporting rods support the left and right disks. The rotary table can be made of low carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloy steel according to the different properties of dried materials. The edge of the turntable is equipped with a propulsion / agitator, which has two functions: one is to propel and transport materials, the other is to mix mixed materials. The inclination angle of the propeller can be adjusted. The inner cavity of the rotary table can be filled with medium and low pressure steam, heat transfer oil or high pressure hot water to transfer the heat needed for drying products.

    disc dryer has low oxygen content, temperature and dust content during operation, and has good safety. The left and right sides of each vertical disc of disc dryer have large heat transfer area, compact structure, small size, few auxiliary equipment and simple system. The sludge inside the dryer is wet sludge. In order to prevent the sludge from sticking to the disc, there is a fixed long scraper on the inner wall of the shell, which extends to the space between the disks, which can stir the sludge and clean the disk surface. The low-temperature heat source (≤ 180 ℃) is used to heat the sludge on the disc, so that the sludge on the disc will not overheat when it is stopped; there is less auxiliary air required and the tail gas treatment equipment is small; the disc dryer can cope with the problem It can be used for semi drying process and full drying process. It can use steam, heat transfer oil and other heat transfer media, and the site environment is very good.

    disc dryer has developed into a mature drying process, and its market share in the international market is also very high. The technological process of semi dry incineration of sludge in disc dryer is as follows: the wet sludge entering the sludge treatment plant is fed by sludge pump Sludge dryer The sludge in the dryer is heated by indirect heating and evaporates water. The evaporated waste steam is condensed into liquid by the condenser, and then treated and discharged to meet the discharge standard or incorporated into the sewage pipe network. The dried sludge enters the incinerator for incineration. The high-temperature flue gas generated by sludge incineration is recycled by waste heat boiler, coal economizer and air preheater, and then treated by tail gas purification device before reaching the standard Chimneys are discharged into the atmosphere. The heat energy recovered from the disc dryer produces steam or heating oil. Steam or heat transfer oil is used as the heat source medium of the dryer to realize the effective utilization of heat.
  • Sludge disc dryer
  • Sludge disc dryer
  • Sludge disc dryer
  • Sludge disc dryer
  • Sludge disc dryer
  • Sludge disc dryer
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