•  High speed centrifugal spray dryer

    High speed centrifugal spray dryer

    Brief introduction: spray drying is widely used in liquid forming and drying industry. It is suitable for producing powder and granular solid products from solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid raw materials.

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  •  Qpg series air spray dryer

    Qpg series air spray dryer

    Brief introduction: clean air enters drying tower after being heated. In hot air of tower, all kinds of material and liquid are converted into tiny droplets by two fluid (or three fluid) nozzle in hot air of tower. The water (or solvent) in liquid material is evaporated and discharged with hot air to obtain powder product.

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  •  Traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer

    Traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer

    Brief introduction: the spray dryer of Chinese medicine extract is fully enclosed, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with three-stage purification device, and the filtered air can meet the requirements of class 100000.

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  •  Pressure spray dryer

    Pressure spray dryer

    Brief introduction: YPG series pressure spray (cooling) dryer pressure spray drying granulator is a kind of equipment which uses pressure type atomizer to atomize solution or slurry material into fine droplets with the help of diaphragm pump pressure, so that the surface area can be significantly increased. After full heat exchange with hot air, it can be quickly dried (more than ten seconds to tens of seconds), so as to obtain powder or fine particle products.

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