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Pelletizing coating equipment

  •  Gfzl series dry roller granulator

    Brief introduction: gfzl series dry powder granulator is a new type of granulating equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced powder granulation technology according to the needs of users

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  •  BGB series high efficiency film coating machine

    Brief introduction: BGB series high efficiency coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industry. It is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean and GMP compliant coating equipment for tablets, pills, candy, organic film coating, water-soluble film coating, slow and controlled-release coating, drop pill coating, sugar coating, chocolate and candy coating.

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  •  KZL series quick granulator

    Brief introduction: KZL series quick granulator is suitable for crushing and finishing granules in Chinese and Western medicine, food, chemical pigment and feed industries.

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  •  YK series swing granulator

    Brief introduction: YK series swing granulator is suitable for pelletizing in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, solid beverage and other industries. The stirred materials are made into particles of required size or agglomerated materials are crushed into small particles.

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  •  Pellet system

    Brief introduction: the pellet system is to mix the powder material and the adhesive to make the wet material with appropriate water content, and then extrude the wet material into cylindrical particles and put it into the spherical shot blasting mechanism to realize the spherical particles with high sphericity. After that, the drying equipment is used to remove the moisture and obtain the spherical particles we need.

    Detailed introduction
  •  Twin screw extruder series set

    Brief introduction: set series twin screw extruder is divided into front discharge type and side discharge type. The diameter of front discharge type granulation is generally 1.5-12mm, while that of side discharge type is 0.7-2.0mm. The particle shape is cylindrical and the granulation rate is ≥ 95%.

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  •  Bzj series coating granulator

    Brief introduction: bzj series coating granulator completes the automatic control of powder coating liquid supply, stable temperature in bed and no splash.

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  •  GSL series high efficiency wet granulator

    Brief introduction: GSL high speed mixing granulator is a kind of high efficiency equipment which can mix different powder materials and make granules in one process, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

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  •  Pgl-b series spray drying granulator

    Brief introduction: pgl-b spray drying granulator is suitable for preparation of granules, capsules, tablet granules or coating of granules.

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  •  XLb series rotary fluidized bed pelleting machine

    Brief introduction: the powder or masterbatch of the rotary fluidized bed pelleting machine is in the form of rope strands around the ring under the action of air buoyancy in the annular space, centrifugal force of rotation and gravity of itself. The adhesive or coating liquid is sprayed into the material layer to form pellets with extremely high sphericity or continuous and uniform coating film.

    Detailed introduction
  •  LDP series fluidized bed pelletizing and coating machine

    Brief introduction: fluidized bed coating machine is a new type of particle coating equipment which combines fluidization coating technology with spray technology. It is widely used in film controlled release, skeleton sustained-release capsule, pill coating, particle and powder coating.

    Detailed introduction
  •  FLP fluidized granulation coating machine

    Brief introduction: FLP multifunctional pelletizing and coating machine is a multi-functional equipment which integrates spray drying granulation centrifugal pelleting fluidization coating drying. The machine is compatible with various process operations. It is especially suitable for pelleting, pill making and coating of various varieties and dosage forms in medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries.

    Detailed introduction
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