•  JRF series coal fired hot blast stove

    JRF series coal fired hot blast stove

    Brief description: JRF series coal-fired hot blast stove is a universal hot-air device, which is used with drying equipment of various materials. It is widely used for heating and dehumidification of grain, seed, feed, fruit, dehydrated vegetable, Lentinus edodes, Auricularia, tremella, tea, tobacco leaf and other agricultural products, food, medicine, chemical raw materials, light and heavy industrial products. It can also be used for heating of various facilities and dehumidification of warehouse.

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  •  SQR series radiator

    SQR series radiator

    Brief introduction: SQR spiral fin radiator is mainly used for air heating in drying system, and it is the main equipment in hot air device. The hot medium of radiator can be steam or hot water, or heat transfer oil. The working pressure of steam is generally not more than 0.8MPa, and the temperature of hot air is below 150 ℃.

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  •  Rly series oil and gas hot air stove

    Rly series oil and gas hot air stove

    Brief introduction: rly series oil and gas hot air stoves are widely used in drying, curing and heat setting of various products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile printing and dyeing, grain processing, wood processing, automobile and other industrial fields.

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