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Hybrid equipment series

  •  Horizontal screw belt mixer wldh series

    Brief introduction: wldh series horizontal screw belt mixer is composed of container, screw mixing blade and transmission parts; spiral blade is generally made of double or three layers, the outer spiral collects materials from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral conveys materials from the center to both sides to form convective mixing. The volume can be made into a circle so that the jacket can be used for reaction and drying.

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  •  EyH series two dimensional motion mixer

    Brief introduction: EyH series two-dimensional motion mixer is mainly composed of three parts: rotating drum, swing frame and frame. The rotating drum is installed on the swing frame, supported by four rollers and positioned axially by two retaining wheels.

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  •  Ch series trough mixer

    Brief introduction: ch series trough mixer is used to mix powder or wet materials, so that the main and auxiliary materials of different proportions are mixed evenly. This machine is made of stainless steel. The gap between the blade and the barrel is small, and there is no dead angle in mixing. The two ends of the mixing shaft are equipped with sealing device to prevent the material from leaking out. The hopper is controlled by button inching, which is convenient for discharging.

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  •  Type VI forced mixing series mixer

    Brief introduction: VI type forced mixing series mixer can mix fine powder, agglomerated powder or more than two kinds of powder with certain moisture content. For example, the additive of trace phase sum can also achieve the mixing effect (refers to the mixture of ingredients with little addition).

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  •  Vhj series mixer

    Brief introduction: the mixing cylinder of vhj series mixer has unique structure, high mixing efficiency and no dead angle. It is made of stainless steel and polished inside and outside walls. It has beautiful appearance, even mixing and wide application area. It can be equipped with forced agitator according to the requirements of users, so as to be suitable for the mixing of fine powder, block and water containing materials.

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  •  DSH series conical screw ribbon mixer

    Brief introduction: DSH series conical screw ribbon mixer is connected by cycloid pin wheel reducer, the central screw and outer spiral belt rotate at the same speed.

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  •  DSH series conical twin screw screw screw mixer

    Brief introduction: DSH series conical twin screw screw screw mixer is used for mixing, reaction, drying and cooling of powder and powder (solid-solid), powder and liquid (solid-liquid), liquid and liquid (liquid-liquid) in chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, dye, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, etc.

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  •  HDJ series multi direction motion mixer

    Brief introduction: HDJ series multi-directional motion mixer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, light industry and scientific research institutions. It can evenly mix powdery or granular materials with good fluidity, so that the mixed materials can reach a good mixing state.

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  •  Szh series double cone mixer

    Brief introduction: Szh series double cone mixer transports powder or granular materials into the double cone container by vacuum or manual feeding. With the continuous rotation of the capacity, the material carries out complex impact movement in the container to achieve uniform mixing.

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