A lively China Expo!

Information source: website | release date: ; 2020-08-27 16:11:27 ; Views: 3678
Changzhou New Drying Equipment Co., Ltd

The environmental Expo held in Shanghai on August 13 can be said to be a long-awaited activity for a newcomer. Although the exhibition is only three days, it has gained a lot for a newcomer. With the help of this platform, we fully demonstrated our new strong strength and exquisite technology, and the customers who participated in the exhibition wave by wave. For the problems of customer consultation, Yixin staff always patiently explained and carefully explained, which won the unanimous praise of consultants.

       In this exhibition, Yixin company mainly promotes the sludge dryer specially designed for the sludge produced by urban sewage treatment plant, printing and dyeing plant, paper mill, electroplating plant and chemical plant. This equipment has the advantages of low power consumption, balanced operation, low noise and small amount of labor. It is also suitable for petrochemical industry, feed industry, food industry, chemical industry and so on. With the new technology, we will create better service for you.

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