Our installation team has installed 3 sets of new blade dryers in series in Shandong Province

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Abstract: since this year's national day, our company has sent a number of debugging team members to a unit in Shandong Province to install and debug the tandem paddle dryer

Hollow paddle dryer It is composed of two blade shafts, a W-shaped shell with a jacket, a frame and a transmission part. The drying process of the material is carried out in a closed state. The organic volatile gas and odor gas are sent to the tail gas treatment device in the sealed atmosphere to avoid environmental pollution. The dryer uses steam, hot water or heat transfer oil as the heating medium, and the shaft end is equipped with a rotary joint for hot medium introduction and export. The heating medium is divided into two channels, which enter into the jacket of the drying shell and the inner cavity of the propeller blade shaft respectively to heat the body and the propeller blade shaft at the same time, so as to realize the drying dehydration and weight reduction of the materials in the way of heat transfer.


The material to be dried is continuously fed into the feeding port of the dryer by the screw feeder quantitatively. The material enters the back of the dryer. The material is turned and stirred by the rotation of the paddle blade. The heating interface is constantly updated and contacted with the body and blade. It is fully heated to evaporate the surface water contained in the material. At the same time, with the rotation of blade shaft, the material is transported to the discharge port in a spiral path. During the transportation, the material is continuously stirred to make the water seeping from the material continue to evaporate, and the qualified products with uniform drying are sent out from the outlet.

Equipment features:

1. The equipment is compact in structure and occupies a small area.

2. High heat utilization efficiency.

3. The wedge-shaped blade has self-cleaning ability, which can improve the transmission capacity of blade.

4. As there is no need for gas heating, only a small amount of gas is needed to take away the wet air. The gas velocity in the device is low, and the dust carried by the gas is less. The dried gas dust is easy to recover, so the cost of the tail gas device can be reduced.

5. The temperature of the front and rear sections of the fuselage can be set differently.

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