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  • What are the uses and characteristics of sludge dryer?

    Application: suitable for sludge drying, metal and non gold magnetic, heavy ore, flotation concentrate and cement industry clay and other industries. Characteristics: sludge dryer is a kind of sludge with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water level, low calorific value and other materials. The special purpose of designing sludge drying equipment is to research and develop the special design of dryer to simplify the internal structure, which not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also effectively


  • On site production of LPG spray dryer in Shandong

     On site production of LPG spray dryer in Shandong Spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer. Spray the liquid material into mist with special equipment, and dry it by contacting with hot air. It is used for drying some heat sensitive liquids, suspensions and viscous liquids, such as milk, eggs, tannins and drugs. It is also used for drying fuel, intermediate, soap powder and inorganic salt.


  • Dryer suitable for sludge processing

    Due to the high drying efficiency of the machine, the compact structure design makes the floor area of the machine very small. Therefore, this machine is very suitable for sludge processing and other industries, and the machine is deeply loved by the industry.


  • A lively China Expo!

     A lively China Expo! Changzhou Yixin drying equipment Co., Ltd


  • China Environmental Expo

     China Environmental Expo The environmental Expo held in Shanghai on August 13 can be said to be a long-awaited activity for a newcomer. Although the exhibition is only three days, it has gained a lot for a newcomer. With the help of this platform, we have fully demonstrated our new strong strength and exquisite technology, and the customers participating in the exhibition wave by wave. For the problems of customer consultation, Yixin employees always patiently explain and carefully explain


  • Dryers that can control dust emission standards

    Due to the advantages of easy adjustment and small floor area, the solution can be recovered and the dust emission conforms to the relevant standards, this machine has a good drying efficiency. Therefore, more and more factories begin to use this machine for daily drying operation.


  • Drying treatment of solid waste electroplating sludge

     Drying treatment of solid waste electroplating sludge Electroplating sludge mainly comes from solid waste produced by industrial electroplating plants. These wastes are mainly produced by liquid-phase chemical treatment of various electroplating waste liquid and electrolyte. Electroplating sludge has a large water content and complex composition, especially the heavy metals in it are more harmful. Therefore, the reduction, harmless and resource-based disposal of electroplating sludge is the focus of the current disposal of electroplating sludge.


  • How to design high performance sludge dryer?

    After the sludge is dehydrated and dried, the water content is greatly reduced and the volume is also very small. After drying, the moisture content of sludge can be reduced to about 20%, and the volume can be reduced accordingly, which is convenient for transportation, utilization or treatment. According to the characteristics of sludge solidification in the process of sludge drying, the multi-channel spiral structure is adopted in the sludge dryer, which changes the plate structure of the dryer. The utility model adopts a combined lifting plate structure and increases a movable purlin


  • How to adjust the temperature of sludge dryer?

    With the help of heat source, the sludge dryer can heat the air inside the equipment to dry the materials in the drum. In this drying mode, if we want to ensure the working effect and efficiency of the sludge dryer, we need to ensure the temperature of hot air. More important is to make the inlet and outlet temperature of dryer stable.


  • Do you know the main performance of disc dryer?

    Our disc dryer has been proved in many industries. But do you know the main performance of the pan dryer? Let's sum it up with Xiaobian.


  • The sludge dryer is not affected by the external environment temperature

    The sludge drying machine with box structure is adopted as a whole, and its internal air circulation is fully closed. The dehumidification capacity of the equipment will not be affected by the external environment temperature. No gas leakage, no gas pollution. In the drying process, the sludge can be quickly dehydrated, and the moisture content of the dried sludge is particularly low, and it is loose, which is convenient for transportation and treatment.


  • Choose sludge dryer, don't be tempted by price!

    With the increasing market demand of sludge dryer, there are many manufacturers and brand models of sludge dryer. In the face of a large number of sludge dryers in the market, the price has become the main factor for users to choose equipment, resulting in the equipment purchased by some users can not operate normally due to the high failure rate. Therefore, in the choice of equipment, must not be the temptation of price, and from the following aspects


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